Brew #12 — Spiced Winter Ale

After a long hiatus, and finally creating a budget to buy more supplies, I decided it’s time to get back into the brew room. Otherwise known as my kitchen.

After the disaster that was the unspoken brew #11, I wanted to simply dip my toes back in the brewing waters and cook up an easy recipe. Instead, my ambitions got the better of me and I soon found myself adding spices (something I’ve never done) to a perfectly good wort I worked very diligently to craft. Enter a cinnamon and nutmeg spiced winter ale.

OG: 1.045
FG: ??

Malt Extract
3.3lbs Pilsen Light Liquid Malt Extract
3.3lbs Golden Light Liquid Malt Extract

Steeping Grains
.75 Crystal 80
.25 Crystal 10

Bittering: 1oz Cluster (Beginning of boil)
Aroma: 1oz Fuggle (10 Minutes)

Teaspoon cinnamon (0 minutes)
Teaspoon Nutmeg (0 minutes)

White Labs 013 London Ale

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