Brew #10 — Citra Hearted IPA (round 2)

The Citra Hearted turned out to be such a refreshing grapefruity IPA that I kind of wanted more to round out the summer. This stuff goes down easy… A little too easy!

And again, my girlfriend gave me free reign of her kitchen for another brew day. This time, there was a boil-over, but just a minor one. Her therapy over the mildly traumatic incident shouldn’t last long.

OG: 1.061
= ?? % ABV

Steeping Grains
.75 Vienna
.25 Biscuit
.25 Crystal 40

Malt Extract
6lbs Golden Light Liquid Extract
1lb Dry Golden Light ??

Bittering: 1oz Centennial — 60 minutes
Bittering/Flavoring: 10z Centennial — 40 minutes
Flavoring: 1oz Centennial — 20 minutes
Aroma: 2oz Centennial — flameout

Dry Hop: 1oz Citra — 15 days

White Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast

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